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Our clients' professional and personal goals are our priority. For this reason, we build products and solutions that fit each client's specific requirements. Meditab's clients practice with peace of mind.

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Client Voices

Through our positive and receptive attitude to our clients' requests and suggestions, our superior products and services are continuously improving. This commitment to our clients is a corporate value that formed the foundation of Meditab as a company.


Marita Q. Barlahan-Biag, MD

Dr. Biag, is a pediatrician at Babies 2 Teens in Gold River, CA., where she spent a significant amount of time investigating and researching EMRs. She chose IMS because it was the most user friendly for her practice. Since acquiring IMS, Dr. Biag says her reports are easier, and at the end of the day she is done with her charts, and she can send her prescriptions electronically.

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Neisha Stanford, Business Development/ Client Relations

Neisha Stanford, specializes in Business Development/ Client Relations, at Stanford Medical in Fresno. She states how the billing flow for charges, payments, and A/R are exceptionally easy in IMS. She also talks about how IMS increases Productivity, and helps her practice get a lot of claims out faster. Her favorite part of IMS is the A/R module, because it makes managing the practice, patients, and billing easy. She is very pleased with Meditab's customer service, and says it is the best her practice has ever dealt with because they are always willing to help whenever an issue occurs.

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Gabriela Torres and Elizabeth Pineda

Gabriela and Elizabeth, are Office Manager and Assistant Office Manager respectively, at Walton Pediatrics in Sacramento. In this joint interview, They both express their enjoyment of how easy and user friendly IMS is. Gabriela states how easy immunizations are to input using IMS, While Elizabeth enjoys using Referral Tracking because of how easy it is to keep track of patient follow up.

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Brittany, Registered Dietitian

Ms. Brittany, a registered Dietitian at River Bend Medical Associates Inc., Sacramento, has only been working with IMS for six months, but was so excited to express how easy and streamline it is to use. She says that the Note Module in IMS is awesome, and one of her main ways of communicating with the providers and front desk staff. She also states that due to IMS being incredibly easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to customize, she has become a fan.

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Flor Beltran, MA

Ms. Flor Beltran, an M.A. at APMI, Vacaville, is using the administrative and back office modules of IMS. She is very happy with the authorization and referral modules as they are completely integrated within the EMR and Billing which makes her daily processing much more efficient. She also adds that the ability to send and receive faxes with in the system has eliminated the use of paper and reduced manual effort.

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David Kavesteen MD of Heart and Health Medical in NY

David Kavesteen, MD, of Heart Medical, NY, has been using IMS for 7 years. In this video he explains how IMS can be customized the way he wants to work very quickly. His office visits are very simple and straight-forward, and now not only is it easier to create his documentation, but because of increased accuracy he is seeing less rejections of his echo and stress test claims. He is very happy that he chose IMS.

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Dr. Ajit Singh Khaira

Ajit Singh Khaira, M.D., a specialist in internal medicine in Fresno, feels that he is just about the happiest person in the town with his EMR. He says that IMS is an intuitive and easy to learn software system. He especially likes the EMR visit note templates and the ability to customize them himself to best fit with his clinic's requirements. He also adds that the e-prescribing feature is wonderful because it allows him to communicate with the pharmacies in real-time.

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Dr. Stephanie Walton

Stephanie Walton, M.D., a pediatrician in Sacramento, is pleased with her choice of EMR as her practice became much more efficient after switching to IMS. She also adds that the wait time for her patients has been drastically reduced and that the use of paper in her practice has been reduced to almost zero.

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Dr. Valery D Tarasenko

Valery D. Tarasenko, M.D., a pain management specialist, explains how he formerly had to use three separate software systems to run his operation before he chose IMS, Medtab's fully integrated EMR. He is especially pleased with the fact that he is now able to finish all his visit notes before patients leave the office, with the result that there is no delay in billing. He also states that he is very satisfied with Meditab's support which is always ready to help him solve any issues via email, phone or onsite.

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Dr. New Sang

New Sang, M.D., a pediatrician in Fresno, explains how his practice became more efficient and paperless using IMS. He especially likes the ability to customize his visit note templates himself and feels that this ability has added great value for his clinic. He finds the billing module extremely effective in IMS as it allows him to post charges, send electronic claims, receive electronic payments and track his A/R all on a single platform. This helps in managing his finances very efficiently. He has also implemented the patient portal which he feels is a great tool to help him streamline communications with his patients, who are now able to put almost all their requests online.

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IMS by Meditab Software Produces Better Patient Flow

Amrish Patel, MD, a physician with Allergy and Asthma Associates of Michigan, explains how IMS with features like the auto-check-in kiosk, shot scheduler and reminders help enhance patient flow and minimize mistakes at his practice.

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AllergyEHR Improves Bottom Line

After two years of researching EHRs, Srinagesh Paluvoi, MD of Allergy and Asthma Affiliates is glad he selected AllergyEHR from Meditab Software. He says it is user-friendly, has helped increase efficiency by 60%, saves time for his staff and patients, and it has improved his bottom line.

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IMS for Allergy Improves Practice Efficiency

David Redding, MD, a physician with Redding Allergy & Asthma Center in Atlanta, explains how his practice became at least 50% more efficient, improved billing and streamlined workflow after switching to IMS from Meditab Software.

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IMS Saves Physician and Staff Time

When searching for an allergy-specific EHR, Alan Redding, MD of Redding Allergy & Asthma Center in Atlanta chose IMS from Meditab Software because it was the only solution he tested that had an immunotherapy module that could be customized by the practice. IMS reduced the time required to write a quality physician note by at least 50% and it saved the office staff a lot of time.

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IMS Connects Physicians and Patients in Busy Allergy Practice

Allergy specialist Jane Unzeitig, MD shares how IMS by Meditab Software has helped her view her practice in a whole new light. She's more connected with physicians; she can evaluate patient flow and wait times, and she loves having all of the patient data stored electronically for easy access.

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IMS Fits the Bill for Large Multi-Office Practice

With 10 providers and multiple locations, Kentuckiana Allergy needed a robust EHR/Practice Management solution. Billing Manager Theresa McCoy explains how IMS by Meditab Software provides just what they need.

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IMS Makes Billing Easy at Allergy & Asthma Center of Hilton Head

Accounting is much more manageable at the Allergy & Asthma Center of Hilton Head now that they use the IMS EHR/Practice Management system by Meditab Software. Find out what features Practice Manager Paulette Giroux finds most valuable.

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Michigan Practice Switches to IMS by Meditab Software

When another EHR system failed to meet their needs, Allergy & Asthma Associates of Michigan turned to IMS from Meditab Software. Mohammad Tawila, MD explains why they chose the EHR/Practice Management system's AllergyEHR for their practice.

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IMS Improves Quality of Care at Allergy Practice

Larry Posner, MD of North Bay Village Allergy & Asthma Associates in Napa, CA describes how IMS by Meditab Software improves his quality of care with better visit notes, better communication, easy access to medical records, and more.

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Allergy EHR Software Makes Life Easier for Clients

Dr. Noga Askenazi from Advanced Allergy & Asthma Associates in Crystal Lake, IL, explains how the benefits and features of Meditab's allergy EHR software make it easier for her to provide better care for her patients. Dr. Askenazi is interviewed at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAI) conference.

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Doctor Appreciates Allergy-Specific Features of IMS

Ghassan Safadi, MD of Safadi & Associates shares how the care portal and other aspects of IMS from Meditab Software meets the unique needs of his allergy practice. He chose IMS because of its allergy-specific features such as the shot module, skin testing and antigen mixing.

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Customizable Templates in AllergyEHR Improve Practice Workflow

Joann Lin, MD of McKinney Allergy and Asthma Center in Texas describes how her practice uses AllergyEHR by Meditab Software to customize templates that fit her unique office workflow. The EHR/practice management solution has improved efficiency by 70% to 80% since the practice began using the solution in 2008.

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Allergy Practice Values IMS as a Risk Management Tool

Stephen Olmstead, MD of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates explains how IMS by Meditab Software reduces risk at his practice. The integrated EHR/Practice Management system makes information such as lab results and other critical data accessible quickly and that enables physicians like Dr. Olmstead to optimize patient care.

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Allergy & Asthma Associates of Laredo, a small practice consisting of one physician, is located in Laredo, Texas. Established in 1983, Dr. Jane Unzeitig has been treating some of her patients for most of their lives, and has always been committed to giving them the best quality care possible. Prior to converting to AllergyEHR, Dr. Unzeitig was running her practice on a billing management system and paper patient charts.


Located just outside of Washington, D.C., the Accredited Allergy Center of Springfield provides a comprehensive range of services to evaluate and treat allergic and hyper-reactive immune disorders for both children and adults. Originally founded by Dr. Ronald Wilbur in 1976, the center was purchased by Dr. Laura Gesicki-Wood, who has owned and operated it since November 2006.


Dr. Meiser has been practicing medicine for about 8 years. In March of 2008, he founded The Allergy & Asthma Center of Texas. It was critical that he select an EMR and practice management tool and get it right the first time. He decided to try his previous software, and unfortunately within a year it was clear it did not fulfill their needs. According to Office Manager Je­ McGee, there was a lack of integration with their Immunotherapy software, and the software was "unwieldy to deal with" without much customization. The billing piece was "a nightmare" and its reporting capabilities "felt almost non-existent." They were also contending with an outside biller, who, in their own words, "...was not doing a very good job."


Big Sandy Health Care (BSHC) is a community health center that provides a wide array of medical and dental services and is open to individuals of all ages for both inpatient and outpatient care.


Like many physicians today, Dr. Tushar Patel experienced "buyer's remorse" from his initial EHR purchase with Allscripts MyWay. Even though Dr. Patel is still stuck paying for a locked-in five-year contract with his previous vendor, he believes it was worth making the switch from a large, well-known EHR vendor to Meditab Software. Dr. Patel knows that it's not about finding the largest, brand name vendor, but about finding the right vendor with the best EHR for him and his practice. Dr. Patel stated "What's ironic is that I had initially selected Intelligent Medical Software, but ended up listening to other voices that were preaching the benefits of going with a larger company. Looking back, if I had gone with my gut instincts instead of scare tactics, I would have saved over $100,000 in payments to the other vendor."


Colorado River Pediatrics is a bustling practice located in Fort Mohave, AZ, with approximately 7,500 patients. This year, Dr. Alan Barton was designated as one of only 28 health professionals in the USA as a "Health IT Fellow" by the Office of the National Coordinator.


Dr. Wise founded Hollywood Ophthalmology Associates in 1979 in Hollywood, FL. Until last year, his practice, consisting of the main office and one additional satellite office, was running off an antiquated practice management system and utilizing paper clinical records. The practice sees between 25 and 30 patients a day, so in order to keep the workflow moving efficiently, they knew that they needed to get rid of the software they were using and integrate all aspects of their practice into one unified system.


Navajo Road Pain Management Center, a practice specializing in pain management, is located in El Cajon, California. Established in 1997, the center has about 2,000 patients and is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment to each of them. The practice has two offices, with one physician surgeon and one physician's assistant.


North Texas Allergy & Asthma Associates have been around since 1927—making them one of the oldest in the country. They had been using their previous practice management software for 6–7 years, but it didn't integrate with electronic medical records or allergy shots. Also, according to Dr. Gupta, "Meditab's superior billing was one of the main reasons we switched over. Our payment of claims and rejections were all pretty messed up." In addition to this, they'd grown tired of having to step out of their rooms to view shot records. It was time for a change.


The practice, specializing in pain management, found that the EHR they had in place was very limited as far as template customization options. Additionally, the process of managing patients between the practice and their ambulatory surgical center was very cumbersome, with a lot of paper still being required. Add to that a very poor overall customer support experience and they were ready for a change."


"Southside Family Physicians, established in 1973 is owned and operated by Dr. Kenneth Young, Dr. Brendan LeRoy and Dr. Brian Coppinger. The practice is one of only two independent family practice groups on the entire south side of Indianapolis - not something to be taken lightly considering the current state of practice consolidation in the US."


"While finishing up her residency in psychiatry, Dr. Aaarti Kapur, knew that she wanted to go into private practice. She also knew that implementing an EHR system from day one was the way to keep her practice not only organized, but primed for growth."


Dr. LeNoir needed to find a solution that would be a great value and solve his practices' issues. Employees using the old software still weren't comfortable using it even after seven months—with one staff member "wasting time walking to the front desk asking questions every five minutes." Even tasks as simple as locating insurance cards for patients were wasting valuable time. Excessive downtime when implementing the new solution was unacceptable.


"Dr. Byron Timberlake owns Timberlake MD, a successful Ear, Nose and Throat practice based in Winchester, Virginia, with an additional part-time office in Front Royal. The practice employs one physician, one LPN, one CNA, one full-time lead lab technician and two part-time lab techs."


McKinney Allergy and Asthma Center (MAAC), a small practice consisting of one office with one provider, Dr. JoAnn Lin, is located in McKinney, Texas. Dr. Lin has been practicing Allergy and Asthma Care medicine for several years and has worked diligently to build one of the most outstanding practices in North Texas. She employs four other dedicated, full-time staff members, as well as a technical associate, to help her manage the practice.


Established in 2010 by Alan R. Redding, MD and David Redding, MD, Redding Allergy & Asthma Center in Atlanta is a busy allergy, asthma and immunology practice. Combined, they see over 2,500 patients as they work towards their mission of improving their patients' quality of life and preventing allergic reactions.


Dr. Safadi & Associates, Inc., located in Sylvania, Ohio and founded by Dr. Ghassad Safadi, focuses on allergy and immunology for both adults and children. Practicing for over 15 years, Dr. Safadi & Associates maintains four offices, each with a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly team. As a niche specialty practice, the group had a difficult time working an electronic system into their practice workflow using a basic EHR management system. They sought to find a system that could handle the complex and specific data related to allergy and immunology with the ultimate goal of going completely paperless. The practice used one system for more than five years, but they were not satisfied with its performance and began to seek out other options.


Dr. James Atkison has been practicing at Sumter Asthma & Allergy Center in South Carolina since 1994. His wife, Maryanne, works alongside him as both an RN and the practice's office manager.

The combination of being a sole practitioner and seeing well over 30 patients per day had begun to take a toll on the duo. At times, hours were being spent updating files and tracking charts, as well as taking extra precautions to avoid the unnecessary duplication of tests and blood work that may have been administered at another physician's office.


Telemedicine allows our office to provide easy and efficient follow-up visits to our patients. Providers can capture more patients whose available time frame does not always correspond with physician clinic time. Telemedicine visits offer a better ROI because they do not typically require additional staff for triage or check-in process. It becomes a win-win for the patient, there's less time investment needed to follow up with a physician and the provider, and fewer staff are needed to perform the follow-up discussion.

IMSGo allows us to access patient's information, doctor's schedule and patients appointments anytime. The doctors are liking the transcription features that allows them to dictate directly from their phones into the patient's notes.

It was a very interesting experience to learn how to use Intelligent Medical Software and create medical records for my patients.

The process was smooth and exciting. With the help and advice of Harshil Shah and his staff I learned to navigate with ease through what I was dreading would be a very difficult process.

He is very knowledgeable, he is intelligent and he has a gift for teaching. I can say he has an infinite amount of patience! He could solve any problem, answer every question and customize whatever I thought was necessary for my patient care. I found myself using the system on day one and enjoying it!

My experience with soft ware is limited. I had used electronic medical records in the past but Intelligent Medical Software has no comparison. It is easy to learn, it is practical, it is fast and simple. When I first started using electronic medical records I considered it as a puzzle where I had to learn to put the pieces together to get the image. With Intelligent Medical Software not only the puzzle was beautiful and colorful, which helped me a lot, but also Harshil, at my request, could change the pieces of the puzzle and get new ones that would create the image I needed to get, in order to do my work.

The system is helping me in every sense: Thoroughness, productivity and with my ability to give the patient care I wish regarding quality of care. I am very grateful that from now on I will be able to use it.

Also, I have realized there is much more Intelligent Medical Software has to offer, that I will be able to learn little by little and with the help of Harshil Shah who has offered his continued help with it in the future.

It is also going to help us a lot in the billing process. It will be accurate and user friendly and will expedite the billing process and make it accurate and reliable.

I am going to recommend it highly in other clinics where I work. All clinics should have this system that is easy to understand and straightforward and will help to run any clinic with success.

"I have worked with Meditab while providing management consulting services at a major cardiology practice, where I supervised them during technical deployment and operational tasks.

I have found Meditab to be a reliable, competent and professional service provider. Their staff is proactive, has a keen focus on customer service and strives to support their client's business needs as a trusted partner. Their technical team is knowledgeable and responsive. They deliver the appropriate degree of support from both a time and expertise perspective in a flexible manner.

All in all, it has been a pleasure working with Meditab and I wish them continuing success."

"I would certainly recommend Intelligent Medical Software to any colleague. The support and personal, prompt attention we've received, in addition to the training resources and the clear, open communication, are above and beyond the level of any other system we evaluated."

"Having Meditab support staff onsite for the implementation and then easy access to the call center afterwards made our transition a fairly easy one."

"All of our questions were answered. The sales representative was very responsive. We were very much impressed with the experience he had with our EHR consultant. I appreciated the time line that Meditab provided us with, making us aware of the time we had to make a decision, yet not being pushy in any way. I truly appreciated everything they did at all steps along the way."

"We spent months researching and wanted something to manage all of our photos, EMR, scheduling, invoicing and PM and we found it in Intelligent Medical Software. The team at Meditab was very prompt with all of their responses and was very knowledgeable. They made me feel extremely comfortable."

"The Intelligent Medical Software system is user friendly and pretty easy to use. The system is very smooth."

"The e-prescribing function in Intelligent Medical Software is flawless and because of it we've been able to attest to Meaningful Use and already received our first two incentive checks."

"Because Intelligent Medical Software provides us with real-time feedback throughout the day, we can better manage our time and create a more efficient patient flow, knowing which patients are active, what they have come in for and what procedures can be started ahead of time - for example setting up an EKG. It's such a flexible system."

"We loved that they (Meditab) were local. After evaluating eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion, and IOS and none of them were as user friendly as Intelligent Medical Software. And, the sales rep was amazing."

"We were in between evaluating Meditab, Nextgen and Athena and chose Meditab because of the great customer service. I really appreciated the time that the Meditab team took to respond to all of my calls and emails."

"I particularly appreciate the flexibility and mobility that Intelligent Medical Software offers. For example, I had a patient go into the hospital one night and I was able to send all the information the doctors there needed, including the EKG and echocardiogram, from home. This made my life a lot easier and the emergency physician was pleased with the streamlined transfer of information too."

"When I think of Intelligent Medical Software, I think ease of use and the ability to streamline my day. I'm done with my notes by the end of the day and can typically leave now by 5:30 p.m. The Intelligent Medical Software system has allowed me to be more efficient, to see more patients in a day, and not cut into my personal time. As a solo practitioner, it has made the quality of my life better."

"The Meditab implementation team wanted to understand, my needs first and then they requested information for adapting Intelligent Medical Software, instead of us adapting to Intelligent Medical Software. The product is great, but the people are even better."

"From the very beginning, our Intelligent Medical Software Project Manager took the time to understand our practice and designed a solutions and implementation plan tailored to our needs, goals and timelines. We immediately felt comfortable as it was clear that our Meditab team was just as committed to our success as we were."

"Today is March 1, 2013 and I did my attestation of EHR for the incentive on February 2, 2013 today there was a direct deposit of the full amount in our bank account. All the hard work has paid off. I am quite frankly amazed that we got it so quickly I expected April the soonest. Just a 'thank you' for your help."

"I'll be praising Meditab at the NACHC conference in Vegas next week!"

"When searching for a new EHR system, our practice was looking for a multifunctional, billing-friendly solution that also offered an integrated CarePortal, especially as the nature of our practice is so focused on providing personal patient service. We were able to find the complete package with Meditab and Intelligent Medical Software."

"Going in, I was extremely apprehensive regarding our Meditab implementation. I would like to express my gratitude for the fine job Ronak did for us. The whole staff is very impressed with the job he has done. I would recommend him highly to any other medical practice that is considering EMR. He was patient, professional and reliable at all times. All these qualities are extremely important when considering EMR.

I am happy to say that we are finally running at a 80% percent efficiency rate and this is only our first week going live. Ronak made sure that each provider, MA, medical biller and receptionist was confident before he left our office. He has also assured us that we could continue to rely on him for any future problems that may arise."

Awards & Accolades

We are extremely proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This Quality Management Certificate reinforces that our products and services meet the high expectations of our customers.