MOUNT LAUREL, NJ – On June 2, 2016, specialty-EHR solutions Meditab, CosmetiSuite, and AllergyEHR ranked top places in the 2016 Ambulatory poll conducted by Black Book Research— a recognized authority in the healthcare industry for its unbiased polling, surveys, market research, and client experience results.

For the Allergy and Immunology specialty, software solutions provider AllergyEHR, a Meditab brand ranked in the top three. Its IMS Allergy system offers a skin-testing module, spirometry integration, late-shot follow-up feature, Extract Bill Master (EBM), and a shot lab module which helps allergy professionals manage risks while improving their workflow.

Another Meditab brand, CosmetiSuite, achieved its first landmark with ratings in the top ten for three specialties: Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Dermatology, and Plastic Surgery. CosmetiSuite is an award-winning, fully integrated practice management/EHR system, designed specifically for reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons, and medical spas to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Meditab ranked in the top ten in six specialties: Allergy and Immunology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology/Dialysis, Sports Medicine, and Urology. Meditab is the leading solutions provider behind the multi-certified EHR and Practice Management solution, Intelligent Medical Software (IMS).

"Purchasing a specialty-driven system was the most effectual path to resolve ultra-specific functions, quality reporting needs, and produce reimbursement support," Black Book Managing Partner Doug Brown said when explaining the single biggest trend in physician technology replacements. "The thing that is so unique and great about Meditab, AllergyEHR, and CosmetiSuite is that the technology is fully customizable, versatile, and flexible. They were designed and built to handle the specific, intricate needs of specialty clinics—simplifying the most challenging workflows," Nikunj Passi, Business Analyst, Meditab.

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