COVID-19/Coronavirus News and Procedures

SACRAMENTO, CA - March 20, 2020 - In the face of the alarming coronavirus pandemic, Meditab, the creator of the Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), is doing everything we can to support healthcare practitioners. As a result, we are offering IMS’s televisit feature free until June 30, 2020*.

The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 disease are now a global pandemic, with over 11,000 confirmed cases in the US alone. With the United States under the National State of Emergency, most of the general populace is advised to self-isolate, reducing numbers of gatherings to 10 or less, among other hygienic preventative measures. The risk of exposure to the coronavirus and contraction of the COVID-19 disease rises each day, as the exponential nature of the outbreak continues to take its toll. With no proven vaccine and limited testing resources, immediate relief from this situation looks to be a while in coming.

Meditabs intelligent medical solutions are perfectly poised to equip doctors of all sorts to keep patients engaged and active in their healthcare journey. This involves providing numerous services and apps that help patients and practices limit potential exposure while still receiving the health advice and medical care needed to maintain their quality of life. Our services include the following.

Free Televisit Services - It is recommended that anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 should contact their healthcare provider remotely instead of going into a hospital or clinic setting, During these unknown circumstances, Meditab is offering IMS’s televisit feature at no cost until June 30, 2020, to enable your practice to continue to treat your patients.

IMS Patient App & Patient Care Portal - The patient-focused app and browser portals give patients immediate access to their health profiles, prescriptions, televisit scheduling, and messaging directly to their doctor or other healthcare providers.

IMS InTouch - This service lets healthcare practitioners and providers easily stay in touch with patients via text and email alerts, keeping people informed about important alerts and updates.

IMSGo - Doctors and healthcare practitioners can handle all of their essential practice tasks via this mobile app, letting them review patient lab results, manage prescriptions, establish televisit appointments, and handle billing—all from their mobile devices.

Cloud Hosting - Any practices or clinics that are looking to enable their entire office staff to work remotely—away from the office, but not away from your commitments. They will provide the tools and applications that ensure a smooth remote work collaboration among the staff. This will let your teams securely access EHR services from any location at any time, using a HIPAA-compliant cloud solution. During this critical time, MG Hosting is offering 2 months free of charge to migrate your EHR software to a cloud-based server.

On-Demand Remote Staffing. Any practices or healthcare-related companies that may need help to support the volume and demand of their service DrCatalyst can provide on-demand services. Such as on-remote staffing, assist with insurance collections, referral and authorization tracking, scheduling, and most other administrative, clinical, and billing tasks with an entirely offsite, highly trained staff for your specialty needs.

Paragi Patel, Meditab’s CEO, had this to say about the coronavirus situation: “Even in these tough times, it is more important than ever that we look for ways to give our clients and partners, and their patients, the best service possible. Our team is ready around the clock to offer whatever support is needed, and I am confident that the IMS platform was built specifically to handle the demands of exactly this sort of crisis.”

Meditab will continue to provide these and many other services uninterrupted throughout and beyond the coronavirus pandemic and is grateful for those partners and healthcare providers who have put their trust in its intelligent medical solutions.

Meditab creates the most advanced, intuitive technology solutions that enable healthcare providers to focus on more important things: their practice and their patients. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Meditab has helped many practices attain success with its top-ranked EHR platform, offering technology that excels, a partner that listens, and people you can trust.

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