Meditab Partners with CoverMyMeds to Expedite Over 7 Million Prescriptions Per Year

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – September 29, 2015 – Meditab Software, Inc., the makers of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), will expand the sophistication of their EHR solution, and the speed at which providers can complete prior authorization requests, by partnering with CoverMyMeds, the nation’s largest electronic prior authorization (ePA) platform. The integration will bring ePA into the E-Prescribing workflow of all providers on the IMS platform, who collectively write more than seven million prescriptions each year.

Prior Authorization (PA) is the process of requiring pre-approval for certain prescribed medications. Historically, this process takes the form of paper, faxes and phone calls between medical practices, pharmacies and insurance companies. Electronic prior authorization transforms the paper-based PA workflow into an electronic process that minimizes prescription abandonment and administrative waste. Implemented properly, ePA provides real-time decision support for E-Prescribing, and enables providers to proactively complete a PA request before a reject occurs at the pharmacy.

Meditab’s IMS is considered a leader in the industry for combining EHR, Practice Management, E-Prescribing, and now ePA into one secure, award-winning platform. The integration with CoverMyMeds will give prescribers the ability to submit ePA requests for any medication to all health plans. Additionally, providers on the Meditab system will be automatically notified of PA requests started at pharmacies that require follow up. CoverMyMeds is the only ePA vendor to integrate “retrospective PA requests” started at the pharmacy in EHR platforms.

“Our connection to 45,000 pharmacy locations enables us to see that the vast majority of PA requests begin at the pharmacy,” said Matt Scantland, Co-Founder of CoverMyMeds. “For providers using an ePA solution today, there’s no more important capability than the ability to complete retrospective PA requests, which account for the majority of PA volume in their workflow. This functionality ensures the prescriber is aware of the need for a PA, and expedites submission to the insurance plan so the patient can quickly receive the treatment they need.”

The integration between Meditab and CoverMyMeds is in progress and will soon be made available to their providers.

“The idea behind this integration is not only to help save time and reduce cost for the providers, but for patients, pharmacies, and insurance plans as well, creating better efficiencies for all involved.” said Sameer Sharma, Business Analyst, IMS, Meditab. “At Meditab we strongly believe in developing systems that help providers streamline processes to improve patient care, partnering with CoverMyMeds will allow us to do just that.”

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CoverMyMeds is the leader in Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA), and one of the fastest growing healthcare technology companies in the U.S. Our technology integrates with more than 45,000 pharmacy systems, 360 EHRs, and Payers representing 72 percent of U.S. prescription volume to create the most efficient ePA deployment strategy for all participants. With millions of ePAs processed each month, CoverMyMeds is the only vendor using the NCPDP ePA standard at scale. For more information, visit

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