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IPS - Intelligent Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy Software for the Future

Easy-to-use and powerful

Pharmacies are confronted with many challenges today: DIR fees, increased operational costs, reduced reimbursements, and competition from other pharmacies. They are Constantly faced with quickly processing prescriptions safely and accurately. Our all-in-one pharmacy software is designed for multiple pharmacy settings including but not limited to retail pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies, 340b pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies. IPS offers powerful functionality with practical usability for clerks, technicians, and pharmacists. IPS is designed to allow pharmacy staff to work quickly and efficiently by reducing the number of clicks needed to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

Adaptable Technology

With a flexible system, pharmacies have the choice of cloud or on-premise server solutions. Pharmacies can engage patients, facilities, doctors, family members, and caregivers by providing easy access to comprehensive information from anywhere and anytime through our mobile apps and web portals.

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Helpful Software Tools and Apps

Pharmacy owners can manage pharmacy workflows, regulatory compliance, and financial viability.

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Analytical Dashboard:

Streamline your pharmacies workflows, optimize financial performance, improve patients 5 Star Rating by increasing patient adherence, and coordinate quality care faster with IPS.

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Robot Automation

IPS understands the importance of automation in today's world as it allows pharmacies to optimize their daily workflow and reduce costs. Our software is compatible with many automated dispensing systems in the market today and is easily customizable to accommodate future enhancements. Our belief as always, is to surpass the expectations of the ever expanding world of technology.

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Retail Pharmacies

  • Automatic refill and IVR functionality
  • Quickly bill multiple rxs at once
  • Quickly rebill multiple rxs with 1 click
  • Paperless document tracking
  • Customize Prior authorization Templates by Insurance
  • Inventory module
  • Text/SMS messaging capability
  • Adherence reporting
  • Paperless faxing
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Long-Term Care Pharmacies

  • Cycle bill and fill management for multiple facilities at a time
  • Nursing home billing functionality
  • Medical Records management
  • Auto set Prior authorizations
  • Short cycle billing capability at facility level
  • Track Inventory
  • Web Portal access for Health care providers
  • Paperless Document tracking
  • Manage fax inbox/outbox with ease
  • Adherence monitoring
  • Delivery module with mobile app
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Specialty Pharmacies

The pharmacy landscape is changing as more and more medications released are specialty medications. Processing specialty medications requires preparing prior authorization requests, appealing rejected prior authorizations, handling co-pay assistance programs, scheduling medication deliveries, and communicating effectively with referral doctors. IPS allows pharmacies to implement work flows to process specialty medications efficiently.


  • Prior Auth Integrations to simplify initial auth requests
  • Appeal Letter Automation to quickly respond to rejected auths using minimal staff resources
  • Specialty Pharmacy Task Tracker to improve visibility of where all pending authorizations reside
  • Specialty Portal to improve real-time communication with referring providers and patients
  • DoseMinder App to improve adherence
  • Text/SMS messaging capability
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Compounding Pharmacies

  • Comprehensive Compound workflow module
  • Tracking by Batch and stock balances
  • Scale integration
  • Multi-ingredient billing functionality

340B Pharmacies

  • 340b program set-up
  • Doctor and Drug set-up by specific 340b program
  • 340b inventory management and tracking
  • 340b claims processing
  • 340b specific formulary capabilities

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"As a pharmacy manager, I like that the software is constantly being improved and customized based on the growing market making it highly flexible and user friendly. IPS has allowed our pharmacy to be more profitable because of its ability to allow us to work faster with fewer resources."

Samson Mekonnen, Pharmacy Operations manager.

Oakland, CA