Improve your IMS experience with the all-new
IMS Build 21

We’re committed to making IMS the perfect solution for your practice. With IMS 21, the new and improved IMS features will help you get the most out of your workflow.

Check out these highlights in the latest update:

Product Features Description Specialty
IMS All new Appointment Booking System (ABS)* The all-new Appointment Booking System is now compatible with IMS and loaded with features such as:
• Streamlined appointment booking experience
• Configurable email notifications
• Admin Portal for customizing your ABS portal
And much more!
IMS Dx Link with Orders Document appointments faster by mapping diagnosis codes to visit note orders and get a complete view of diagnosis and respective orders on a single screen. General
IMS Patient Demographic Documentation Improvement Never miss recording and updating critical patient data thanks to the customizable front desk check-in notifications and high-alert formatting. General
IMS Recurring Payments Configure recurring payment plans and initiate auto-debit for patient balances, while keeping them notified via email/text. General
IMS NCPDP Certification Change IMS has completed the certification with Surescripts for ePrescription, as per CMS proposed rule for Medicare Part D which includes a new version of NCPDP SCRIPT Standard – v2017071 General
IMS IMS Chat* Communicate real-time within care teams via a secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging service right within IMS. General
IMS Linked Question Templates Appointment note documentation is made more efficient and accurate with linked question templates. Link related question templates with auto-add LinkWith option. General
IMS Open Credit Reconciliation The QuickPost OpenCredit module lets you auto-apply patients’ payments to their balances. General
IMS UDS Reports Access UDS reports for the 2019 reporting year. General
IMS MIPS Reports Access MIPS reports update for the 2019 reporting period. General
IMS Reports Automation Schedule and receive Daily Deposit and Receipt Detail reports right in your inbox! General
IMS Delayed Provider Signature You and your patients can now access all pending forms from the My Task tab and sign them at your convenience. General
IMS Refill Request workflow changes View pending refill requests on the My Task and patient prescription module. General
IMS/IMS Go Abnormal vitals alert You can now define patients’ vital range, and all the abnormal range vitals will be automatically highlighted in red in major IMS screens. General
IMS Point of Sale (POS) tab in patient’s chart view View all patient invoices, total reward points, and reward amounts in the POS tab of the patient's chart view. Cosmetic
IMS Dental Charting* Introducing the all-new Dental Charting module with:
1. Anatomical Dental Chart
2. Images indicating procedures
3. Color-coded procedure status
IMS CarePortalIMS Patient App Custom Practice Policy configuration Define a customizable acceptance policy for patients in Patient App and Care Portal. General
IMS Patient App Patient Registration Your patients can now register for their CarePortal account through PatientApp itself, without the hassle of opening IMS CarePortal on web browsers. General
IMS Go OpenEdge Integration Collect copay directly from your IMSGo with OpenEdge integration. General
IMS Go IMS Go Prescription changes Approve/deny prescription change or discontinue requests from IMSGo with a few taps. General
(*) Beta version of this feature is available in IMS Build 21

To ensure a smoother, faster, and better IMS workflow, hardware requirements, and ancillary services prerequisites may have been updated with this new IMS build.

Please note that hardware requirements for new software updates change from time to time, and it’s advisable that practices review software and hardware specifications frequently to determine the necessary requirements.

Please refer to the links below for the latest specification requirements:

The comprehensive Release Notes are now available on IMS ClientConnect.