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IMS Build 20.1

For over 20 years, Meditab has taken one step at a time to make IMS the perfect solution for your practice. With IMS 20.1, we’re taking a big leap. Try the new and improved IMS features today!

Check out these highlights in the latest update:

Product Features Description Specialty
IMS OpenEdge payments integration with IMS Transact securely with OpenEdge payments, a PCI DSS compliant payments security solution which incorporates EMV, QIR, and encryption to keep your sensitive payment data safe. General
IMS Improved diagnosis (ICD-10) search capabilities Perform an advanced search with the improved ICD-10 search capabilities, which makes ICD selection more efficient using common clinical terms and synonyms. General
IMS Customizable facesheet with letter templates Easily customize your own practice-specific facesheet in the Letter Template module. General
IMS Scheduling of reports with automated email notifications Schedule your reports with the event scheduler and send automated email notifications to your recipients with the password-protected reports attachment. General
IMS Prescription tasks on the My Tasks screen Track prescription tasks and assign prescriptions to providers all in one place through the Prescription tasks on the My Tasks screen. General
IMS Enhanced security module with advanced password policy settings Configure a more secure IMS with the use of new security parameters backed with strong password policy settings. General
IMS Enhanced drug schedule in the Prescription module. Easily identify statewise controlled substance with the enhanced drug schedule in the Prescription module. General
IMS ICD suggestions in the Patient Diagnosis screen Assigning diagnosis to patients is made more efficient with ICD suggestions based on the patient population. General
IMS Cryopreservation Inventory Tracking window in IMS Efficiently monitor cryopreservation tank and canister spaces with the newly developed Inventory Tracking window. Fertility
IMS Treatment Consult Dashboard View complete patient data at a glance with the newly developed Treatment Consult Dashboard, which helps in patient cycle decision-making. Fertility
IMS Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Integration (Appriss Health) Modernize your Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Most states require checking the PDMP, Prescription Drug Monitoring Database, before prescribing any and all controlled substances. IMS PDMP integration with Appriss Health provides a high-speed, automated and secure connection from your EHR to query state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program databases and keep the record so you can show your compliances. General
IMS CarePortal Spanish language support for IMS CarePortal Provide an easier and more inclusive patient portal experience to your Spanish-speaking patients with the Spanish translation option of IMS CarePortal. General
IMS CarePortal Interactive signed forms in IMS CarePortal Your patients can now enter their information in CarePortal signed forms, which is now made interactive and powerful with the patient data input and electronic signature features. General
IMS CarePortalIMS Patient App Enhanced payment features for IMS CarePortal and IMS PatientApp through OpenEdge Make secure and convenient payments with enhanced payment features such as card on file, and the option to delete saved cards in IMS CarePortal and IMS Patient App. General
IMS OnArrival New and Improved design! Also introuducing payments option in IMS OnArrival. Make easy copayments with the card on file feature. Also introducing an EMV enabled bluetooth card reader for processing credit card transactions. General
IMSGo Revamped Vital Signs module Editing patient vital signs and viewing vital sign graphs are now made easier and faster. General
IMSGo Introduction of a new feature: Dashlets Viewing the report summary is now possible with a tap of a finger. General

Please be informed that in order to ensure a smoother, faster, and better IMS workflow, hardware requirements and ancillary services prerequisites may have been updated with this new IMS build.

Please note that hardware requirements for new software updates change from time to time, and it’s advisable that practices review software and hardware specifications frequently to determine the necessary requirements. Failing to meet the necessary specification requirements may affect your IMS functionality.

Please refer to the links below for the latest specification requirements:

The comprehensive Release Notes are now available on IMS ClientConnect.