Meditab IMS earns five star evaluation from AC Group

Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) v12.0.5 receives a well-deserved recognition having given the highest ratings by the recently released 2009 year-end report published by the AC Group.

The AC Group is one of the most eminent companies that specialize in the evaluation, selection and rating of EMR Vendors.

Its prestigious 2009 year-end report highlights the healthcare IT marketplace and provides information on the top ranked PMS and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) vendors’ product functionality, usability, and company viability.

This evaluation decision tool has been used by more than 25,000 physicians since 2002 and in this December 2009 report has been expanded to 109 pages and now includes new information on Integrated Community EHRs (ICE) and DRT enabled EHR applications.

Meditab’s IMS garnered 5-stars when evaluated for overall practice management and EHR functionality, ease-of-use, company viability, as well as for end-user satisfaction.

Over 175 vendors were evaluated by the AC Group on a range of in-depth criteria and only 12 out of those evaluated received a five-star rating; many of which focus primarily on hospitals or very large practices.

“It has been the constant commitment of Meditab to create software solutions that are cost-effective so we can provide our clients the ultimate satisfaction that they well-deserve. The five-star rating given by the AC Group proves that our efforts in constantly upgrading our services and solutions have paid off,” said Mr. Mike Patel, President and CEO of Meditab Software, Incorporated.

Meditab's IMS v12.0.5 is 2011 CCHIT Certified for Ambulatory EHR offering a fully integrated Scheduler, EMR, Billing Tool, Electronic Eligibility Tracker, Skin Testing Module, Immunotherapy Module, Document Manager, Letter Writer and Healthcare Portal.

“Choosing the best software to run your practice is an important decision. At Meditab, we create top-of-the-line integrated EMR, practice management, and billing solutions to handle all your practice’s needs,” said Patel.

The IMS comes pre-loaded with one of the largest template databases available for your unique specialty, which can easily be customized to individual preferences..

Meditab Software Inc. was founded in 1998 by practicing pharmacists and physicians, providing an innovative suite of intelligent, integrated and intuitive software solutions that supports the primary process of healthcare delivery.

Among its commitments is to provide cost-effective revolutionary software solutions to its ever growing client-base connecting physicians, patients, labs, pharmacies and long-term care facilities nationwide.

“As stakeholders of this competitive healthcare industry, we recognize our vital role in providing innovative solutions to the market. But we will not rest on our laurel and will guarantee to our clients constant improvements of our services so we can always meet their needs,” added Mr. Patel.

About Meditab Software Inc.

Meditab is based in Northern, California providing clients with expert knowledge in the following areas: Integrated Electronic Health Record, Exceptional Web-based Communications Portal, Comprehensive Practice Management, Expert Pharmacy Management, Intelligent Radiology Management, Flexible Healthcare Documentation, Secure Access, Information Assembly, Information Utilization and Regulatory Compliance. With any of Meditab’s integrated solutions, providing an excellent service continues to be the first priority and profit comes after.

About AC Group Inc.

The AC Group is at the forefront of EMR software evaluations and the industry’s most trusted source, with CEO Mark Anderson having spoken at over 400 related conferences just since the year 2000. Anderson has spent the last 34 years focusing on healthcare technology questions, strategic policy, and organizational considerations.

Customized to your needs and specialty.

Designed by physicians for physicians, Meditab's EHR software provides the tools, templates and workflow automation necessary to streamline patient management in a variety of specialties from Allergy to Pain Management.