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Harness the cloud computing benefits of sending faxes through IMS FaxCloud. The secure--HIPAA compliant, affordable and fast solution for sending and receiving faxes electronically, right from IMS.

Your Faxing Options

The integration of FaxCloud in IMS allows you to send electronic faxes from different IMS modules and choose specific options. Some of these options include the following:

  • When you send a fax using Visit Note, you can include an electronic signature for your fax.
  • For faxes sent through Chart View, you can also select a cover page for the fax message.
  • In Send Fax Feature, you can either select a file that you want to include in the fax or attach a fax to the patient’s record.

Our Faxing Solutions

Sending faxes without compromising the patient’s information can be challenging. The FaxCloud offers the following solutions:

  • Web service calls allow you to send or receive faxes without having to wait for an available fax server line.
  • You can send multiple faxes simultaneously without having anyone work on a fax machine.
  • Hardware issues can be avoided because IMS FaxCloud does not require you to maintain a fax machine to use its service.

With IMS FaxCloud, you can say goodbye to bulky fax machines, busy signals and wasted admin time.

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