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At Meditab, real value means quickly delivering results.

Our objective, simply put, is to meet your objectives. Our products are developed by physicians for physicians, and are capable of being customized for a variety of specialties. Uniquely designed to optimize the user experience, our products combine functionality with usability. Ideal for practices interested in providing only the highest standards of clinical quality, Meditab’s EHR system can help you take the care you provide to the next level.

At Meditab, we ensure that EHR implementation is easy by:

  • Reducing the need for rework and additional training by ensuring our clients are fully trained in the versatile functions of our products.
  • Offering responsive live and online support that makes any customer issue a top priority.
  • Delivering customizable EHR solutions for even the most specialized practice needs.
  • Designing, developing, and delivering our products from the ground up- our products are 100% in-built software, not something that’s bought from another vendor.
  • Providing implementation experts who get to know each practice’s needs before developing a plan to work with each client at their own pace to deliver the perfect system for their wants and needs.

Although the challenges of EHR implementation can be formidable, any issue you may come across can be taken care of by Meditab’s team. Our implementation team will provide an organized and structured step-by-step approach to implementing electronic health records for your practice, as well as help shape the process to accommodate your needs. With a 99.8% customer retention rate, we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers with superb service and support. By implementing an EHR system into your practice and using our products to their full capabilities, you can improve the quality of care you provide to your patients while saving time and money.

EHR Implementation Process

Our Implementation Team will provide an organized and structured approach to assisting you with the implementation of your EHR. We will often be involved early in the relationship with our client so that we can tailor the implementation process to accommodate your unique needs as well as your strengths and skills.

Before we begin implementation, we’ll develop a Practice Analysis and a customized implementation plan to meet your practice needs. Once we begin the implementation process, we’ll stay in close contact with the client throughout the process by conducting meetings to review each step of the plan and to provide comprehensive training for your staff. One of the options we have for training is a “train the trainer” approach where you are able to manage the process as well as control the costs of implementing the EHR in multiple sites.

As part of EHR implementation, Meditab and clients will analyze existing technical support capabilities, plan for additional technical infrastructure needs, and provide training/coaching to physicians and staff as well as ensure that key IT and help desk staff are trained to support all Meditab users.

Once we conduct testing and the teams train end users, our implementation team will bring Meditab live for the organization. Shortly after going live, Meditab will conduct follow-ups with all end-users to ensure that the EHR system is stabilized and any issues are resolved. We will continue to provide ongoing support and training for product updates and upgrades.

At Meditab, our products and services have been developed to provide innovative solutions for your practice. We are committed to characterizing our relationships from initial contact through the entire implementation process and ongoing support.

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