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Meditab Clearinghouse manages electronic claims as well as electronic lab orders. Electronic lab orders are sent through HL7 format. Meditab clearinghouse maintains dedicated servers separately for Claims and Lab orders.

Various Communication Protocols: 
Meditab Clearinghouse uses various highly secure communication protocols for effective communication with Insurance Carriers. It includes protocols like TCP server, TCP inbuilt client in IMS, Web Service, TCP/IP, FTP, sFTP, HTTP, Shared folder (VPN or local network), Modem (X-modem, Z-modem), and Hypersend.

Meditab's unique Ids are allotted for each client or provider for communication between Meditab Server and either Lab or Insurance server. Meditab’s Clearinghouse Architecture, supporting HL7 file format is designed in such a way, that it can accommodate any new Lab in no time.

Why Meditab Clearinghouse?

  • Catches and fixes errors in minutes rather than days or weeks. Resulting in fewer rejected claims.
  • Reduces reimbursement time to less than ten days by submitting the claims electronically.
  • Eliminates the need to prepare claims manually over and over or re-key transaction data for each payer.
  • Submits all electronic claims at once, rather than submitting separately to each individual payer.
  • Manages all electronic claims from a single location.
  • Improves vender relationships with insurance carriers.
  • Shorter payment cycles allow for more accurate revenue forecasts, reduced need for paper forms, envelopes and stamps.
  • Claim processing is simplified. Automation of the entire registration process, frees staff time.

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