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All data stored within your computer's hard drive has a chance to be lost if proper measures have not been taken to protect them.

Ensuring the safety of your patients also means ensuring the safety of their health records. Protect your data through our Disaster Recovery Service now.

Data loss may result from:
  • Natural disasters-fires and floods
  • Technical errors-hard drive crash, software malfunction, viruses, and corrupt files
  • Human intended-sabotage, hacking, and theft

Statistics show that more than 75% of clinics do not have an adequate data backup system in place or a way to recover virtual data in the event of data or system loss.

If you are one of the 75% of clinics who do not have adequate backup services, chances are you put your virtual data at risk everyday with your assumptions that it will stay as is where you left it.

A competent healthcare provider cannot allow valuable patient information to be lost and the only way to prevent possible data loss is to perform regular backups of all your important information.

Imagine you return to work one day only to find out your computers were damaged and all the vital patient information is lost forever!

Meditab’s Offsite Backup Service

Offsite backup service is an online, automated backup and disaster recovery service well-suited for your servers, desktops and laptops.

Backing up your data may take a long while, but we provide you peace of mind as your data backups are taken cared of automatically minus the hassle caused by doing manual backups.

Once the service is set up, you need not worry over other things but concentrate on your patients.

Meditab's Backup Service is a reliable way to backup your critical data without the hassle, time and cost associated with traditional tape backup methods, and because it is offsite, your vital data is also protected against theft, fire, and flood.

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