A Family of Innovators

Meet the organizations under Meditab that have helped transform the industry. Together we make an expansive, multinational footprint that is united to make a positive impact on providers' and patients' lives.

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The Meditab Group

Get to know the brands from The Meditab Group and the role they fill in our quest to make healthcare simple, but never simplistic.

  • AllergyEHR

    AllergyEHR is a software solutions provider that empowers allergy practices with a single integrated system, combining immunotherapy features with practice management, EHR and patient engagement.

    Website: allergyehr.com

  • CosmetiSuite Software, Inc.

    CosmetiSuite Software, Inc. is the leading provider of CosmetiSuite, a CCHIT certified ambulatory EMR for plastic, cosmetic, hand surgeons, aesthetic, dermatology clinics and medical spa.

    Website: cosmetisuite.com

  • DrCatalyst

    DrCatalyst provides remote staffing services to medical practices and pharmacies. Their remote assistants handle front-office and back-office operations so that practices can focus on patient care and prescription dispensation.

    Website: drcatalyst.com

  • DosePacker

    DosePacker is a pharmacy technology company that manufactures the DosePacker, the first automatic, multi-dose dispensing robot in its class, designed to automate pharmacy operations and increase productivity.

    Website: dosepack.com

  • FertilityEHR

    FertilityEHR provides a software solution that advances the healthcare delivery of Assisted Reproductive Technology clinics by integrating laboratory, clinical and administrative operations into a single platform.

    Website: fertilityehr.com

  • MedVision, Inc.

    MedVision addresses the business needs of payer organizations by providing QuickCap, a robust care coordination, benefit, and claim administration system that reduces workload, increase efficiency and minimize costs.

    Website: medvision.com

  • MedSpecialized, Inc.

    MedSpecialized, Inc. is a software support company that provides outsourcing services to Meditab Software, Inc., SuiteRx, MedVision, Website4MD and CosmetiSuite.

    Website: medspecialized.com

  • SuiteRx

    SuiteRx Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS) is a comprehensive solution that integrates document management, delivery, POS, inventory management and web portal capabilities into one seamless application.

    Website: suiterx.com

  • Website4MD

    Website4MD provides web solutions to boost the online presence of hospitals and clinics by combining web expertise with the client's vision to build the best, customized web content, logo or online brand.

    Website: website4md.com

  • HonestAbeApps

    HonestAbeApps is a mobile application development company that builds innovative and intuitive applications for iOS, Android, IoT, and wearables.

    Website: honestabeapps.com

Awards & Accolades

We are extremely proud to announce that we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This Quality Management Certificate reinforces that our products and services meet the high expectations of our customers.

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