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Intelligent Medical Software Urology is created by health professionals with urologists in mind and is specifically designed for those who specialize in urology. Our fully integrated, feature-rich Urology EHR system includes billing, scheduling, document and image management, and other important office management software used by urologists.

Documenting conditions and symptoms is easier and more efficient than ever before, with our urology-specific templates. Our Auto- Check-In Kiosk lets patients check in and out on their own, so you can focus less on mundane paperwork and more on managing a high patient flow.

As an urologist, we understand that being able to access patient information in a timely manner is important. Now, with EHR Systems catered specifically to urologists, you can access crucial patient information from anywhere in the office. Those who choose our cloud-based platform can access patient information from anywhere with internet connection- even if those parameters fall outside the office.

Our Urology EHR software is delivered with built-in billing codes, letters and templates specific to the urology industry. It’s designed with an intuitive interface so it’s easy to understand, and we offer excellent support services including training, installation, and customer support. With 24/7 customer support and easy adoption and use, you won’t have to waste valuable time learning how to operate our EHR System.

Our product is scalable to fit urology practices of all sizes, and enables urologists to communicate key information better and with more accuracy. With our product, you can quickly access comprehensive patient information and decrease labor-intensive chart pulls and re-files. For those hoping to eliminate transcription costs and expenses related to chart creation and paper document printing, Meditab’s EHR System is a great choice for urology practices of all sizes. 


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