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By integrating our Intelligent Medical Software with built-in functionality specifically designed for psychiatry, you can improve your overall revenue with accelerated reimbursements, automatic coding recommendations, decreased denials and increased patient flow. In addition, combining sophisticated clinical and administrative tools, our next-generation platform will help your psychiatry practice streamline documentation, improve communication, and eliminate process inefficiencies to help you take your psychiatry practice to the next level.

As a mental health professional, you have many exams, diagnostic tests and care plans unique to your area of specialty. Your patients rely on you to provide the expertise required in order to manage their conditions over a long period of time, and a Psychiatry EHR software and comprehensive practice management solution can help you maximize patient care both now, and in the future.

A psychiatry office is a busy place that needs to balance a variety of tasks and obligations in an organized and efficient manner. By implementing an Intelligent Medical Software that was created specifically with psychiatrists in mind, you can add security to patient and clinical documents, reduce time spent performing redundant data entry, and increase your cash flow by improving patient care and reducing claim rejections.

Whether your patients need basic exams or more complex screenings, you can easily document a patient visit in just minutes with our Intelligent Medical Software. Our exclusive “Link With” technology allows you to link to pre-formatted symptoms and treatments for common conditions. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Intelligent Medical Software Psychiatry will give you more time to see more patients while simultaneously enabling you to provide those patients with more comprehensive care.

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