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Pain management is a branch of medicine using approaches to ease suffering and relieving pain for their patients. Physicians specializing in pain management often use treatment approaches such as administering analgesics, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants for their patients in order to improve the quality of life. Using our pain management EHR software, you will see drastic improvements to the workflow of your practice and improved quality of care.

Our Intelligent Medical Software is designed to meet the requirements of the doctors, physicians, and therapists practicing pain management. With pre-made templates, letters, and memos that are particular to pain management, our pain management EHR software is built to improve your office management system so that your practice is more efficient.

We understand that the patient should be the utmost priority at your practice, which our comprehensive EHR solution was designed to assist in patient scheduling and allows for the patient to view and update their health information online. This streamlined workflow is an effective approach to increasing the productivity and efficiency at your practice.

As an industry leader in pain management software, our software integrates other essential management modules that are easy to use for pain management specialists and staff members. Integrated billing, patient tracking, and document management are just some of the EHR benefits our software offers. Intelligent Medical Software Pain Management can turn your whole practice into an electronic medical office.

Once you have made Intelligent Medical Software your choice of pain management EHR software, our team of experts will run you through step-by-step implementation process to make sure our solution aligns with your needs. We will continue to provide technical and live support to ensure that our EHR is fully integrated at your practice. We continuously your practice’s system to ensure that there is opportunities to improve workflows as part of our quality improvement process.

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