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Our Intelligent Medical Software has built-in functionality specifically designed for Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. By providing you with the tools you need to manage comprehensive treatment for conditions ranging from neuropathy and limb injuries to knee injuries and cervical disorders; our Orthopedic/Sports Medicine EHR software is an ideal solution for practices of all sizes.

An industry leader among sports medicine professionals, our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine EHR Software is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the sports medicine industry. Created by health professionals for health professionals, our EHR software is powerful enough to meet your unique needs, and flexible enough to work around your specific practice.

Because Orthopedics and Sports Medicine specialists tend to treat their patients over a long period of time, easy access to comprehensive data is crucial. With Intelligent Medical Software Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, you’ll have easy access to essential historical information, diagnostics and care plans. Additionally, our scheduling module is intuitive and easy to use, and prevents schedule conflicts and reduces the amount of un-billable visits. With Intelligent Medical Software, your staff will no longer have to waste time trying to locate a patient’s chart among stacks of paper in your office. With our Orthopedics/Sports Medicine EHR solution, multiple people can access patient information at the same time, making assigning tasks and updating patient information easier than ever before.

The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine-specific templates are ideal for documenting conditions and symptoms quickly and accurately, while providing access to comprehensive clinical content. With user-friendly Orthopedics and Sports Medicine-specific templates, you can document a complete office visit, including pre- and post-op appointments easier than ever before.

About Orthopedics/Sports Medicine EHR Software