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Neurology is the medical field studying and dealing with disorders of the brain and nervous system. At Meditab, we understand there’s a need for an EHR system that will help you improve workflow and efficiency at your neurology practice. This is where we come in. We have designed Intelligent Medical Software to assist you on the business side of running a successful neurology practice.

Our neurology EHR software is fully customizable to meet your practice’s needs and has powerful built-in symptom based templates for headaches, fainting, memory loss, gait disorders, and sensory loss. In addition, there’s condition-based templates ranging from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and migraines that is ready to be put into effective use for each patient.

Intelligent Medical Software Neurology is an industry leading EHR system designed by neurologists to meet the needs of neurologists, no matter the size of your practice. Leverage our pre-populated templates, forms, letters, and documents to give your patients what they need so that they can better manage their condition. Our neurology EHR software provides neurologists with practice management capabilities that will dramatically improve workflow and increase patient satisfaction.

Moreover, Intelligent Medical Software includes a wide range of multi-functional features for your medical office. Manage patient flow and avoid missed appointments and rescheduling inefficiencies by using our patient tracking module. Our lab tracking module is designed specifically for managing lab tests, diagnostic reports, and lab reports for your patients so that you are able to visualize and identify conditions through graphical representations of data. In addition, our neurology EHR software possesses employable document management, check-in/check-out authorizations, and medical billing tailored specifically for your neurology practice.

Our implementation team will ensure a smooth transition of integrating Intelligent Medical Software Neurology to your practice through this step-by-step process with live technical support. Switching over to our EHR system also gets you a step closer to attaining meaningful use, and ultimately improves the efficacy of your neurology practice.

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