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Designed by physicians for physicians, Meditab’s EHR software provide the tools, templates, and workflow automation necessary to streamline patient management in a variety of specialties ranging from allergy to family practice. With flexible and fully customizable templates, our custom EHR software can not only be tailored to your specific specialty, but also to your precise workflow and practice needs.

We offer many custom EHR software for all the medical specialties listed below:

Fully Customizable

Since Meditab can be implemented for most specialties across many platforms, chances are many of your peers are already using EHR software to its full potential. By implementing our EHR software into your practice, you can access patient information quickly and easily across a variety of platforms. Additionally, patient check-ins and other day-to-day tasks at your practice can be expedited, leaving more time in your day for quality patient care.

Our custom EHR software is utilized across a wide spectrum of medical specialties, including allergy, pediatrics, gastroenterology, and internal medicine. By offering one of the most robust templates in the industry, combined with the ability of these templates to be customized in order to easily meet the practice’s individual needs, we’re able to work with your workflow in a manner that’s comfortable for you – no matter your specialty.

Expert Support

While out of the box templates are a great start, Meditab understands the unique needs of every practice and healthcare provider. Our client support team is always available to answer questions, hear new ideas, and is happy to be on the receiving end of complaints and praise. We pride ourselves on being a company that’s accessible to our customers and don’t treat them like a number. Our responsive live and online support, combined with a 99.8% customer retention rate, prove that we take care of our customers with superb service and support.

Implementation Options

In addition to providing medical specialists an integrated and fully customizable EHR solution, Meditab provides the option of cloud, on-premise and Micro Cloud delivery. Specialists who choose cloud delivery can access patient information from anywhere with internet access – a valuable tool for specialists who may perform out-patient work or perform house visits as a part of their patient care.

No matter the type of delivery you may choose for your practice, Meditab’s custom EHR software is ideal for any size practice. If you’re looking for proven solutions from a vendor who has been in the industry for fifteen years and provides flexible, user-friendly product designs that adapt to your specialty, you’ve come to the right place.

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