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IMSGo allows us to access patient's information, doctor's schedule and patients appointments anytime. The doctors are liking the transcription features that allows them to dictate directly from their phones into the patient's notes.

-- Surg Elite, PC - Dr. Salas (SEP)

Reap the benefits of a better design.

For your unique mobile EHR experience, our designers made sure that you can access the patient information with a few taps at most. The app's user-friendly interface empowers you to effectively navigate through the patient information and remain responsive to the pressing needs of your patients -- from scheduling an appointment, to approving their refill requests as soon as it pops up in your app.

For patient care beyond the clinic.

Available on iPad, iPhone, and Android

Get the IMSGo app now and experience these benefits:

  • Mobile device flexibility via Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile and tablet platforms
  • Immediate access to important patient care information
  • Convenient means for providing care beyond the practice walls

Work Smarter with IMSGo version 3.4.

This smart watch-compatible app allows you to stay on top of your day. You can view the information you need to manage your schedule -- from the number of patients you need to see in a day even to the list of patients scheduled for the next 7 days!

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