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Improved Mobility, and Accessibility

We are constantly adding features that will surely improve your clinic's mobility.

  • Prescription Module. Directly from your mobile device, you can now create new prescriptions and view existing ones, view pending refill requests. Electronic prescriptions can be sent and tracked on the go. Also view the Drug Formulary details and Medication history of the patient while prescribing through IMSGo.
  • Forms To be Signed. Your practice no longer has to buy signature pads for your clinics. Your patients can now sign electronic forms using your mobile devices. Plus, you receive notification for any unsigned forms during the check-in process. You can also use the password-protected copy of your signature in Intelligent Medical Software to sign forms on Mobile App.
  • IMSWear. By connecting your smartwatch with IMSGo, you can also see your weekly schedule and your patients waiting from your smartwatch.
  • Patient Face Sheet. View patient's comprehensive information in one sheet -- contact information, allergies, ICDs (ICD-9 or ICD-10 code), prescriptions, vitals, documents, insurance details.

Feature-Rich, Easy-to-Use Solution

Aside from these new updates, Mobile App contains features that allow you to do the following:

  • View and schedule patient appointments.
  • Find available slots to block appointments.
  • View and add new patient information and notes.
  • View all laboratory results.
  • Search for and view patient records.
  • Add visit note transcriptions.
  • Check in and check out a patient.
  • Add and delete superbills.
  • View and edit documents, notes, faxes, reminders and labs on the go
  • Access past and existing Visit Note documents entered from IMS (desktop)

Get the Mobile App app now and experience these benefits:

  • Mobile device flexibility via Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile and tablet platforms
  • Immediate access to important patient care information
  • Convenient means for providing care beyond the practice walls

Work Smarter with IMSGo version 3.3.

This smart watch-compatible app allows you to stay on top of your day. You can view the information you need to manage your schedule -- from the number of patients you need to see in a day even to the list of patients scheduled for the next 7 days!

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