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OrdersPlus Prescriptions/eRx*:

Increases efficiency, patient health, and patient satisfaction by securely delivering scripts to over 85% of pharmacies nationwide; and defaulting to printed scripts where required (i.e., Class 2 Drugs).

OrdersPlus Labs/Diags*:

Streamlines the process of ordering tests by allowing providers to quickly order labs/diags specific to the patients’ presenting factors.

E-Prescription Features

  • Fully automated lab and pharmacy bi-directional communications
  • Real time insurance verification and formulary checks
  • Automatic receipt of electronic lab results and refill requests
  • Easy access to past/active medication lists. Instantly view medications prescribed to your patients and modify as needed
  • Electronic PDR featuring a comprehensive drug database that provides instant access to information on all medications
  • Automatic alerts for drug interactions with patient’s known allergies and conflicting medications
  • Designated as a Gold Health IT Quality Solution by Quest Diagnostics under its Health IT Quality Solutions Program

Benefits of Electronic Prescriptions

  • Instant access to lab/test results and medication histories
  • Connectivity to most labs and pharmacies
  • Compliance tracking for plans and protocols
  • An integrated solution that empowers your practice to participate in incentive programs
  • Improves patient safety and quality of care
  • Reduces time spent on phone calls and call-backs to pharmacies
  • Automates prescription renewal requests and authorization processes
  • Solutions for hand-writing and legibility challenges
  • Intuitive dosing calculator for accurate prescribing
  • Quick access to frequently prescribed medications eliminates redundancy
  • Submit prescriptions electronically to more than 85% of U.S. pharmacies through our partners’ network
  • Increases patient convenience and medication compliance
  • Improves formulary adherence permitting lower costing drug substitutions

Real Time and Real Returns with OrdersPlus

  • Qualify to receive HITECH incentive payments
  • Increase patient safety
  • Improve efficiency through the use of electronic drug and lab ordering
  • Prepare and send orders quickly and accurately
  • Manage orders easily through fully automated lab and pharmacy bi-directional communications
  • Verify insurance quickly with real time verification and formulary check
  • Organize data automatically through electronic lab results and refill requests

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