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Laboratory workflow that works

Integrated with the clinical capabilities of IMS, the Diagnostic/Lab Order feature is designed to enhance the practice’s laboratory workflow. Its HL7 interface not only enables providers to order lab and diagnostics electronically; it also ensures that providers can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Easily provide additional information to the lab regarding the sent order.
  2. Generate an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) form.*

Diagnostic/Lab Order also features useful tools that will help you do the following:

  • Create one or more copies of an existing lab order (for admin users).
  • Split the lab order into two or more separate lab orders.
  • Edit lab orders that were created using the Visit Note.
  • Set a limit to the frequency that a lab test can be ordered within a duration.
  • Set the lab order status to Done or delete a lab order.
  • Add diagnosis codes or ICD codes in global templates.
  • Add lab diagnoses in letter templates.
  • Select and filter templates according to the labs associated with it to access only a specific list of templates whenever you open a specific lab.
  • Set a verification requirement for individual lab tests or the whole lab test.
  • Link the lab tests with ICD codes, Prescriptions, Careplans, etc.

IMS Diagnostic/Lab Order also includes unique capabilities! For lab results sent through HL7, you can send files in TIFF format. You can also automatically assign a lab test status whenever lab test results match to certain conditions.

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*Currently, ABN is only available for Quest Diagnostic and Lab Corp. ABN will soon be available for all the labs on our next build.

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