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The Software

Meditab provides EMR's and PMS's. Our EMR's (electronic medical records) provide doctors and patients with the most accurate information, while the PMS's (Practice Management Systems) assist providers with ease and efficiency.

The Service and Support

Meditab is there for you. Modern healthcare demands tighter information integration across segments. In the near future, it should be possible to trace a particular medicine and its effects from a patient, provider, distributor, manufacturer, and invention all the way back to initial identification of symptoms and Meditab will be at the forefront every step of the way.

Meditab, a leader in this transformation, is a major contributor to large companies and/or niche players alike. Meditab is pioneering unique and integrated industry solutions by leveraging its established competencies in Public health, Pharma, Provider and Payer space.

Providers and Public Health

Provider organizations need to strengthen and integrate its internal operations and interface with other organizations to increase administrative efficiency, reduce costs, assure quality and maximize returns on technology investments.

Meditab Healthcare delivers unparalleled technical solutions based on a thorough understanding of the provider industry to help providers meet their critical needs. The Practice understands the challenges facing the industry, and its breadth and depth of competencies ensure the right solutions for every customer’s success.

Meditab Healthcare's primary focus is to deliver public health services, including developing systems and solutions to address the surveillance and controlling of major illnesses and epidemics. In delivering these solutions, Meditab Healthcare brings to the table, its exposure to International standards, such as HL7, ICD 09 and 10 and other data models.

The Practice has worked with organizations that are at the forefront of health efforts to prevent and control infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities and environmental health threats. It offers a range of Analytics, IT and BPO-based services to help customers run their operations smoothly, including Planning, Data Collection and Data Analysis.

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