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On-premise advantages of Server Based Model

A traditional “on-premise” system or also known as “client-server” model is where the application software is installed on a server at your office, as well as on each user’s computer.

  • Local install within the practice.
  • Does not rely on internet strength of connectivity.
  • No long term contractual agreements.
  • Faster database access and retrieval.
  • Greater control of data security.

Cloud / SaaS based system – Hardware and Software Specifications

This deployment model is a combination of the traditional client-server system deployed with the “client” software installed on each user’s computer, but the “server” software is hosted at the software vendor’s secure data center.

  • Little to No upfront cost.
  • No expensive servers or hardware requirements
  • One predictable, all inclusive monthly fee.
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • One predictable, low monthly subscription fee

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