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Practical Usability: SmartDRIVE UI

Practical design and an intimate understanding of the ambulatory practice is the foundation on which the Intelligent Medical Software SmartDrive UI is built; allowing for speedy system navigation.

Adaptability: Intelligent Medical Software Embrace

The Intelligent Medical Software development platform leverages award-winning technologies that allow the system to embrace the office's existing work-flow while allowing for the adoption of new processes as desired.

Automation: CareProtocol

CareProtocol automates the clinical process for pre-visit, visit, and ongoing health maintenance tasks per the patient's presenting factors, chief complaint, and/or diagnosis; and has allowed our providers to see more patients without jeopardizing the quality of care.

Accessibility: Intelligent Medical Software Now

As the only multi-award-winning & multi-certified system that utilizes a cutting edge development platform in Sybase Advantage + Anywhere, there is no limit to what, where, and when healthcare happens; making Intelligent Medical Software one of the most accessible programs available.

Rapid Task Completion: Intelligent Medical Software ActionView

Having an intimate understanding of common work-flow tasks, Intelligent Medical Software's innovative technology supports the practical needs of the practice by producing "actionable" or "take action" views that allow for rapid task completion.

Connectivity: Intelligent Medical Software Link

Intelligent Medical Software Link enables connectivity with third party systems. Know More

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