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Program Highlights:
  • Analyze practice readiness for EHR implementation and/or achievement of Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria. Assess the current state of resources within Practice to support EHR implementation and achieve Stage 1 Criteria.
  • Provide Practice with a high level, standardized Practice service plan (PSP) to prepare Practice for key steps and roles/responsibilities in the implementation of electronic health records and/or achievement of Stage 1 Meaningful Use.
    Practice Service Plan shall clearly outline additional fees, if any, that may be charged for Additional Services.
  • Develop a high-level project schedule to prepare practice for sequencing of events including target date to achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use Criteria.
  • Monitor EHR implementation process, in conjunction with EHR project manager. Provide high-level coaching, consultation, and troubleshooting, based on the Practice Service Plan.
  • Identify HIE and interfaces needed to assist Practices in meeting Stage 1 Criteria as necessary.
  • Assist Practices in identifying their capacity to achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use Criteria and develop plan to address any deficiencies noted. Assist practices in collecting data appropriately so that meaningful use measures are accurate and reportable.
  • Assist eligible Providers in producing the required evidence and attestations to CMS demonstrating Stage 1 Meaningful Use.

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