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Meditab’s meaningful use comprehensive program is designed to train you on a wide range of MU topics, assist in implementing essential services for your practice, and help you achieve the robust MU requirements. With a team of MU experts, we will give you control over your practice and assist you in becoming a confident MU achiever.



MU Training

Maximize your MU reimbursement and learn more about the latest MU updates and industry trends with Meditab’s customized trainings. Designed to meet the needs of your practice, our MU packages range from consulting to all-inclusive support & training.

Pick the one that’s right for you:

Hourly Training

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest MU updates in Intelligent Medical Software!

Our hourly training package provides you with personalized coaching on any MU topic of your choice. This is best for those with a good foundation of Intelligent Medical Software and MU, requiring minimal assistance to keep up with the MU updates.

MU Complete Package

Take advantage of our MU Complete package and receive MU implementation support while getting trained on how to use IMS to meet MU measures.

Avail of our MU Complete Package, and get yourself covered with these:

  • Meaningful Use updates
  • Meeting MU measures in Intelligent Medical Software
  • Template questions that may need to be modified for the new requirements
  • MU parameter setup
  • Ensure the best count on the 9 CMS measures for MU

MU Deluxe Package

Take your training needs one step further with our MU Deluxe Package. In addition to the MU Complete Package, you will also receive quarterly reviews and updates of your MU report status from one of our MU experts, as well as assistance with your attestation upon request. We will also be there to assist you with any potential audit!

Contact your account manager today for more information on the best training package for you.


MU Tools

To avoid MU penalties, you have to go beyond just utilizing a certified EHR system. You need to incorporate essential services that will improve the quality of care administered, increase efficiency, and reduce health disparities.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

We have partnered with Surescripts to give you the EHR solution that connects you to a broad range of healthcare providers.

The HIE feature in Intelligent Medical Software serves as a secure gateway to send and receive patient health records promptly and accurately. This helps you achieve the MU requirements on care coordination while ensuring adequate privacy and security of patient health information.

Click here to learn more about our HIE feature.

Formulary and Subscription Hub

Our Formulary and Subscription Hub helps you and your patients make better, more informed clinical decisions for their treatment. Use our formulary services to ensure your patients are getting the correct and appropriate medication.

For a more streamlined process, we have integrated formulary checks in the prescription module. You can now check patient eligibility for insurance coverage, check the formulary status of prescribed drugs based on Surescripts standards, access a reliable selection of medications from patient healthcare plans, as well as see all the medications your patient has been prescribed with and paid for by their insurance plan.

Patient Portal

Meeting the MU requirements for patient engagement is now easier than ever with Meditab’s CarePortal. CarePortal is designed to help you meet Meaningful Use requirements by connecting your practice and your patients through a convenient, secure portal with 24/7 access.

Engage patients in their own health care with CarePortal—an online patient portal that allows them to view, download, as well as transmit their health records online through HIE. CarePortal equips your patients with convenient and engaging tools to manage their health, such as online patient forms, symptom assessment, confidential messaging, and drug education.

Click here to learn more about Meditab’s CarePortal.

Contact your account manager now to get more info about these features.


MU Educational Resources

You can also get access to our wide collection of manuals, video tutorials, and webinar recordings related to MU and Intelligent Medical Software through our ClientConnect!

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