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Intelligent Medical Software Rewards allows customers to receive rewards in the form of “Intelligent Medical Software Bucks” for their actions that support Meditab’s promotional efforts. Intelligent Medical Software Bucks will act as reward points that can be used as payment for all Intelligent Medical Software products & services. Potential system enhancements may include ancillary services like: automated patient contact systems, practice identity support , relationship & marketing modules, revenue cycle management, and more.

The company enjoys great success based on its customers' willingness to be active and vocal participants in the company’s efforts to engage each other through community participation. This sharing of experiences and knowledge results in growing the community of new, proficient Intelligent Medical Software users. “We developed the Intelligent Medical Software Rewards Program because many of our users recommend us to their colleagues after experiencing top quality service and support that complements our award winning clinical automation technology,” explains Mike Patel, President and CEO of Meditab Software. "The program is our way of showing our appreciation to those clients by giving credits (Intelligent Medical Software Bucks) that can be applied to annual fees, ancillary products & services, and more.”

How to Refer Someone.
  • Call (510) 488-4480 and talk to Referral Manager.
  • Fill the form at the bottom of the page.
  • Ask the person you are referring to call us or visit our website.
  • Speak to any of our sales, support or implementation representative that you know.

Web Affiliate program:

Just place an ad on your website. Earn for every inquiry that comes from your website.

Just need to place a code we provide on your website that says like ‘Clinic powered by Intelligent Medical Software’ Click to learn more. A small statement that redirects to our website.

At Meditab, we not only provide you cost-effective solutions to achieve your business goals, but we also share our success because you matter to us!

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