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Intelligent Medical Software V14 SP1 is ONC 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by ICSA Labs, an ONC-ACB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Product Details:

Vendor: Meditab Software Inc.
Product: Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)
Versions: 14 SP1
Certification Edition: 2014
CHPL Certification ID: 140353R00
Certifying Body: ICSA Labs
Classification: Complete EHR
Practice Type: Ambulatory

Meets the following 44 Certification Criteria

170.314(a)(1), 170.314(a)(2), 170.314(a)(3), 170.314(a)(4), 170.314(a)(5), 170.314(a)(6), 170.314(a)(7), 170.314(a)(8), 170.314(a)(9), 170.314(a)(10), 170.314(a)(11), 170.314(a)(12), 170.314(a)(13), 170.314(a)(14), 170.314(a)(15), 170.314(b)(1), 170.314(b)(2), 170.314(b)(3), 170.314(b)(4), 170.314(b)(5), 170.314(b)(7), 170.314(c)(1), 170.314(c)(2), 170.314(c)(3), 170.314(d)(1), 170.314(d)(2), 170.314(d)(3), 170.314(d)(4), 170.314(d)(5), 170.314(d)(6), 170.314(d)(7), 170.314(d)(8), 170.314(d)(9), 170.314(e)(1), 170.314(e)(2), 170.314(e)(3), 170.314(f)(1), 170.314(f)(2), 170.314(f)(3), 170.314(f)(5), 170.314(f)(6), 170.314(g)(2), 170.314(g)(3), 170.314(g)(4)

Meets the following 64 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)

CMS2, CMS22, CMS50, CMS52, CMS56, CMS61, CMS62, CMS64, CMS65, CMS66, CMS68, CMS69, CMS74, CMS75, CMS77, CMS82, CMS90, CMS117, CMS122, CMS123, CMS124, CMS125, CMS126, CMS127, CMS128, CMS129, CMS130, CMS131, CMS132, CMS133, CMS134, CMS135, CMS136, CMS137, CMS138, CMS139, CMS140, CMS141, CMS142, CMS143, CMS144, CMS145, CMS146, CMS147, CMS148, CMS149, CMS153, CMS154, CMS155, CMS156, CMS157, CMS158, CMS159, CMS160, CMS161, CMS163, CMS164, CMS165, CMS166, CMS167, CMS169, CMS177, CMS179, CMS182

Required Software

Domain II Windows Time Agent, First Databank, IMS Patient Portal, MicroMedex, Surescripts, Surescripts Direct Messaging, Sybase SQL Anywhere.


The cost that an eligible provider or eligible professional (“EP”) will incur to implement IMS and use the product include:

  • Implementation costs
  • Hosting costs
  • Maintenance and Support costs

This certified product-version may require additional costs that may vary, depending on the third-party partner. These costs may incur on a monthly basis per provider and may include the following:

  • Patient portal (Careportal)
  • Health Information exchange
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Patient Education
  • InTouch (Messaging & Email)

The following scenarios for client-specific integrations and customized development requirements also require fees:

  • Integration with Labs
  • Integration with Devices and Other Interfaces
  • Any customized features like integrations and reports, specially requested by a client

For clients who want to use our Mobile application, IMSGo, an additional fee is required per provider, per month.